Expanding Anchor

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Holding Strength (Lbs)
Part no. Hole Size (inches) Area (sq.Inches) Rod Size (Inches) 3 4 5 6 7 Approx Wt.
P8135 8 135 5/8 & 3/4 26500 22000 18500 15000 10000 1000 1

Soil Class
3. Dense clays, sands and gravel; hard silts and clays.
4. Medium dense sandy gravel; very stiff to hard silts and clays.
5. Medium dense coarse sand and sandy gravels; stiff to very stiff silts and clays
6. Loose to medium dense fine to coarse sand; firm stiff clays and silts.
7. Loose fine sand; alluvium; Ioess, soft-firm clays; varied clays; fill

Expanding Anchors have unique earth Anchoring feature, offering excellent holding power with minimal soil disturbance. As the blade expands into the earth, forming a conically shaped square. The expanding anchor retained its expanded shape even under excessive loading conditions. PLH anchors are protected with black anti-corrosion paint.

*PLH anchors are protected with black anti corrosion paints.