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Our ability to supply hardware items you need, along with the time and effort we spend to ensure only the finest quality, makes us your complete source for pole line hardware and insulators.

PLH has introduced Silicon Suspension Insulator in 15 KV, 25KV and 35KV.

PLH is one of the leading supplier of Machine & Double Arming Bolts, Square & Spring Washers, Forged Eyenuts & Eyele ts, Forged Steel Pins, Guy Clamps, Crossarm Braces, Anchor Shackle, Insulated Swinging Clevises, Secondary Racks, Moun ting Brackets, Porcelain Insulators, Animal Guards, Ground and Anchor Rods, Silicone & Porcelain Cutouts

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Fibre Glass Guy Strain

Pole Top Pin With Nylon

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Latest News

  • American Power and Communications

    PLH selects American Power and Communications PLH in Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Northern Illinois . American Power and Communications can be reached at 262-474-0022.

  • JH Davidson

    PLH selects JH Davidson PLH in Texas and Oklahoma. JH Davidson can be reached at 918-369-6171.

  • Utility Lines

    PLH selects Utility Lines PLH in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, District of Columbia and Eastern Pennsylnania. Utility Lines can be reached at 704-651-7838.

  • PLH offer RUS

    PLH offer RUS approved products and now expands its list.

  • PLH now offers RUS

    PLH now offers RUS approved Insulators.

  • RUS

    PLH adds on to the list of RUS approved products. Now both Zinc coated and Copper coated ground rods are RUS approved.

  • Porcelain and Silicon

    PLH announces the release of our Cut-Out switch line of products, starting January 1, 2009. These Cut-Outs are KEMA tested and are available in Porcelain and Silicon with a Voltage range of 15 KV and 27 KV.

  • National Sales Manager

    PLH pleased to announce the addition of Cory Somes to the team as National Sales Manager - Utility Division. He can be reached at

  • Phillips Parkway

    PLH moved to
    6841 Phillips Parkway dr South, Jacksonville,
    FL 32256 and can be reached at PH: 904-288-9880, Fax: 904-268-9717.

  • Barry McGlew

    Barry McGlew has joined PLH as the Director of National Sales and he can be reached at PH: 603-738-2494, or at

  • Fibre Glass Guy Strain insulators

    PLH is about to launch Fibre Glass Guy Strain insulators.

  • Mike Rudein

    Mike Rudein has joined PLH as the Business Development Manager and he can be reached at PH: 404-925-5580, or at