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Our ability to supply hardware items you need, along with the time and effort we spend to ensure only the finest quality, makes us your complete source for distribution hardware, insulators, cut out switches, grounding and anchoring products.

PLH is one of the leading supplier of Porcelain & Silicone Insulators, Machine & Double Arming Bolts, Square & Spring Washers, Forged Eyenuts & Eyelets, Forged Steel Pins, Guy Clamps, Crossarm Braces, Anchor Shackle, Insulated Swinging Clevises, Secondary Racks, Mounting Brackets, Animal Guards, Ground and Anchor Rods, Silicone & Porcelain Cutouts

From Florida to Puget Sound, power companies across the country rely on us to deliver quality products that meet their specifications. From standard line fasteners, guying and conductor support hardware, to pole and crossarm accessories and porcelain insulators, we are able to supply your needs.

New Featured Products

Power Installed Screw

Fiber Glass Guy Strain

Pole Top Pin With Nylon